Payday Loan Lenders and No Credit Check

Payday Loan Lenders and No Credit Check

It’s a surprising thought that the mainstream population knows little to nothing about payday loans. Many have used payday loan lenders and no credit check was required. People usually need money in the case of emergencies like illness, a broken car, home repairs or they don’t have quite enough to pay the taxes. When credit is a problem, payday loan lenders are there for you whenever you need them.

A Word about Us

We have over 300,000 customers in many parts of USA. We keep those customers by understanding that credit is a thing of banks, not payday lenders. All payday loan companies require is a pay cheque stub, a picture ID and a signature. Credit is no problem. If you have a job with a pay cheque, then you have a loan. It’s that simple. Our customers trust us and return to us, because they know they can put their credit problems behind them and get the money they need now.

Speed of Funding

Payday loan companies use their own money with which to fund their customers. In most cases, funding happens within 24 hours, generally through direct deposit or a cheque. Our customers know they can apply online or visit our stores. They know funding is fast for whatever amount they might need. Should customers request an amount payday loan companies can’t cover, they will still get something without being turned away. No matter how bad their credit is, they will receive the emergency funding they need.

We are There for You

We have a customer service department of over 700 persons. When you have an application question or want to know how it works, your question will be quickly and courteously answered by our customer service professionals. Bad credit or no credit, you will get your money.

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