Car Loan Rates in Maine, Augusta, Portland

Car Loan Rates in Maine, Augusta, Portland

Introduction. Car loan approvals tend to be quite lengthy and involves quite a number of processes. This is even harder for those with bad credit history. However, a bad credit score doesn’t mean you are automatically disqualified from securing a car loan. We are the premier firm in Canada that helps people who need car loan but have a bad credit score to secure the needed credit to be able to finance an automobile purchase.

Give it a Try. Most people with bad credit score would not be able to convince a bank or even most financial institutions to extend then car loans. What makes us different is that we simply ask you to fill in the forms and let as decide how much credit we can extend to your irrespective of your score.

What is on Offer? As a lending institution, we have over 300k clients across Canada and we extend emergency loans, payday loans, short term loans, and personal loans. For most people, a car isn’t a luxury and the need for a car loan can be daunting especially given your credit score. Our funding process is also pretty fast and that’s what makes as the go-to facility for all financial emergencies.

Apply Online. Given the spread of our clients across the country we have eased the process of applying for funding by creating an online application. You can go to our site and fill in the required forms and we’ll get back to you within a few hours. We may not supply you will the funds that you want but we’ll provide it to the extent that you need.

 Why Us. Our repayment options are also convenient and very favorable. We are backed by a team of 700+ staffers who solve all car loan queries 24×7. The majority of our stores are around Toronto which means you can simply walk in and have your loan application attended to.

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